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Contest for Libraries and How My Characters Became My Cats

This is the flushed out version of my newsletter, basically. It was my birthday yesterday, and as is now my custom, on my birthday, I give things away. I’d meant this to be done all through August, but my August has been a bit wonky, so I’m STARTING the contest around my birthday and running […]

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The Cat Who Came to Dinner

I haven’t mentioned Sidney lately on the blog, or much on Facebook, though if you follow me on twitter you’ve likely heard more than you ever wanted about my terminal cat in the last few days. Our four hour search for him in our huge house to no avail, his wormhole return to the kitchen, […]

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Long or Short, Goodbyes Suck. Always.

I hate that I’m doing this again. I really, really hate it. Had to get that off my chest. Now, for your context: This is yet another post where I have to tell you about how one of my cats is dying, and it’s going to be long and gruesome. Again. A whole host of […]

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Cats Gone Wild

I’m going to start this blog with some photos, because I’m also linking this to the YouTube post, and I want people to be able to see that my cats are not quite as fat as they look in the video. It’s upsetting my daughter and husband (they’re not used to negative Internet comments–I’ve been […]

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The Definition of Success

Yesterday on my Twitter stream, someone posted what appeared to be an auto-reported update from an app describing how many follows and unfollows that account had received in the last twenty-four hours. The poster was a book blogger, one who takes her charge very seriously, and I’m certain she’ll find the app a useful tool […]

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BTL Diaries: Sometimes You Gotta Walk Away

Note: You may have noticed the header and theme of this blog is different. I’m playing with a new logo. This is the prooving ground. Let me know what you think. **** Since last we spoke, I’ve worked on Better Than Love for one whole day. I tried for a second, then a third, and on the […]

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Why I Have an Agent

One of the most common questions I get from other digtial-first authors is why do I have an agent. Sometimes the question is asked curiously, but mostly there’s an implied hell in the query, as in, “Why the hell do you have an agent?” I understand where the implication that being agented in my business is unnecessary, […]

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Blog Hop: This Week’s Post

It’s at Stumbling Over Chaos, which means you will get some awesome black cat pics too.  

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Blog Hop and Writing Updates for the Curious (Hint: I talk about The Special Delivery Thing)

This week’s blog hop is here at Blaine Arden’s place. We’re getting close to the end, and someone is about to win $200 worth of book shopping. It could be you if you go to all the stops and leave comments…. About once a month (sometimes more) someone finds me somewhere in social media and […]

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Beat Your Winter Blues Blog Hop Post: Clare London

Clare London had the blog hop last week, and I failed to link to it. Story of my life. Here you go. Be sure to leave a comment there for your chance to win the big certificate. I keep meaning to continue my LGBT groups spotlight, but I continue to be behind in everything. Soon. […]

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