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Navigating Fear and Instinct

Today’s been a damn weird day, and every last second of it has been me bouncing like a BB between fear and instinct. There are deeper layers than simply this, but today I was coming to Jesus on my novel due end of October hopefully end of November absolutely, and I was also accepting while […]

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KA Mitchell is giving away more stuff, we’re all reading everything, the boys are still chatting, and small side note about sadists.

First the admin stuff: KA Mitchell is still having a buddy read. We’re sliding slowly into book 3 (I’m still behind, but I’m catching up today). She’s still taking questions, and so are all her characters. We’ll start book 4 Tuesday when it releases! KA Mitchell is giving stuff away. A $10 certificate and a […]

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Release Day, A Special Delivery Quiz, Blog & FB Takeovers, Blogger Newsletters & Stuff Like That

If you have read my newsletter that just went out, you know a lot of this already. Or rather, all of it. A small summary of what you deleted without reading, skimmed, or just experienced. Tough Love is out. Several of you stayed up late to download and read. I send you virtual coffee. I’m […]

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The Fab Four Winners of the Win Tough Love Early Contest, and a Meditation on Anticipation

Well that was one hell of a good time. When I started this contest yesterday morning, it was mostly a wild hair, but it turned out to be an incredibly good time, and I’ll totally be doing this again. Probably not every single book…though hey, maybe. I’m crazy that way. Next time I do it, […]

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Win It Before You Can Buy It: EARLY Giveaway of Tough Love and the Special Delivery Series (also info about blog tours, buddy reads, and stuff.)

Boring stuff out of the way first. (Well, the buddy read is not boring! At all. But we all know you’re here because I said WIN TOUGH LOVE EARLY, OMG.) Miles and the Magic Flute Blog Tour Signup is Live. Read this newsletter for info. Use this signup form to join. Join this newsletter to […]

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Coming Soon: Miles and the Magic Flute, Hero Reissued from Wilde City

One of the most common emails I get is, “Why can’t I buy Hero and Miles and the Magic Flute?” Now I can tell you that you can, and even when. Also, both books have shiny new covers: Reissuing May 27, 2014 MILES AND THE MAGIC FLUTE When unemployed Miles Larson retreats to his friend’s Minnesota pawnshop […]

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Double Blind is for sale, Randy & Ethan’s impending Q&A, Swag Contest, Tour, Etc.

This is that release day post where I say, “Hey, the book is out.” Excepting this first line, it will also be verbatim the content of a release day newsletter, so if you get that and this feel free to ignore one or the other. Double Blind, Book Two of the Special Delivery Series, is […]

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Double Blind Re-Releases Tuesday, and Randy and Ethan Will Be At Your Service.

Also in this post I’ll answer the oft-asked question, “Do I need to buy the book again? Is it different?” But first I have to say thank you to everyone who has been posting in the comments of my blog for two different posts which were both essentially me losing my shit on the Internet. […]

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Have some Hooch & Cake on me.

This is basically the newsletter reposted. FREE BOOK. FREE BOOK. SAM AND MITCH GET MARRIED, RANDY SHOWS UP, LOTS OF SMUT AND FEELS. Happy Valentine’s Day!   Book 1.5 in the Special Delivery Series Where there’s a Randy, there’s a way. Mitch Tedsoe isn’t expert on many things, but he’s pretty sure getting married shouldn’t […]

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Special Delivery is For Sale Again, and Sam Keller is Giving a Q&A

After almost a year of absence, Special Delivery is back in online stores, and Old Blue is rolling down the road once more. There’s a special event today I’ll talk about at the end, so if you’re skimming, scroll to the pic of Sam. Buy links: Samhain, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads First chapter excerpt on my website You might […]

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