Morgan, will you spank me?

Go to the library, the bookstore, or to the home of someone who has this book and read it immediately.

It isn’t because it’s funny (though it is) or clever (is that as well) or  refreshing (yep again) or that it has some deep coded meaning (not so much, but it does make you think at moments, though thankfully not terribly long or hard).  It’s because it’s just a good, fun book that comes to the station in an orderly fashion, takes you smartly up the first hill, whirls you around on a great ride, ends well, then sends you out the exit ramp thinking, “Is it too soon to ride that again?” and also, “Did the guy who designed that one make any more rides?”

Of course, he did.  And bless his soul for it.

6 Comments on “Morgan, will you spank me?

  1. And why would you be drinkng coffee at this hour? Hmm? I know it is common for me to do it, and I’m drinking it right now in fact, but you? Miss-I-Get-Up-Before-The-Buttcrack-Of-Dawn?

    • You know, I can drink coffee almost anytime at all. I napped earlier in the afternoon and stayed up in until midnight working in my revision notebook in bed, listening to my iPod and just thinking in the quiet.
      I had tea then, herbal, if that’s any better. 🙂
      Mostly I have cycles where I have no energy and cycles where I have nothing but. I seem to be on the former, I guess.

  2. I love me some Peter David
    In high school I was a major comic book collector. In the early 90s, Peter David made the Hulk a respectable title again. He’s got a great feel for dialogue, and as soon as he was given The Hulk, he changed him from the mono-syllabic green monster we all know from TV to the smaller, meaner, and more intelligent gray hulk. All so that he would have a character to write dialogue for.
    I’ve never read any of his novels, though…

    • Re: I love me some Peter David
      You know, I have always said that I was not a comic book person, but I think I have to amend it to that I would not go for the comic part, but I would be there for the good writing. Somebody’s going to have to get me a “what to read” list.

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