Snow. And snow, and then snow.

 Christmas has struck with its usual whirlwind, and I am already counting the days until it is over. It’s fun, and I love seeing everyone, but my inner introvert is screaming, and shopping doesn’t help. I tried go to out with Anna to have lunch with Dan, order some photos, and pick up some more Christmas cards.  It took three and a half hours, and now I’m stoned.  There went Tuesday.

I’m also slightly distracted by the fact that the "Oh, it hurts sometimes" pain which my massage therapist says is sciatic has become a chronic "OW! OW!  OW!" and I’m as of this morning on a regimented ibuprofen regimen, and that’s only sort of working.  Tomorrow is the doctor, and apparently an MRI is in my future.  So that’s the fun around here.  

But there is also snow.  It seems to snow about every day or so; last night it cut Dan’s family’s visit far too short, and it looks like there will be more of that sort of thing to come.  Observe our forecast:

My family is supposed to come on Christmas Day–I’m forseeing a possible not-gonna-work.

In the meantime, I’m thinking of switching to a sleep for no more than for or five hours at a time schedule, and I’m seriously considering setting up a standing workstation.  Because I kinda hurt, and standing on some yoga bricks while I type sounds really great.

Off to lie on my foam roller and calculate the hours until the next IB dose.

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