Post-Christmas Update

 We are just a little over half-way through our Christmas celebrations, though the ones at our house have ended.  Both Dan’s family and mine had to abbreviate their stays due to adverse weather conditions, which was a bummer.  It was a very soupy Christmas: vegetable beef on Monday, and ham and potato on Christmas Day.  

My family and friends decided this year  to take "make the yuletide gay" a bit literal in my case: I received rainbow coffee mugs, coasters, ornaments, gay themed books, and even a, ah . . . subscription.  (I have already viewed a bit, and XO, I said hello to your cousin.)  I also received gloves, Panda licorice with herbs (YAY!), and a lot of gift cards, particularly to Borders.  I’m very close.  If I get to use the money my mother gave me instead of paying off my Ugg boots, I will be in the clear to make the purchase.  Oh, and I got a candle that smells like an evergreen tree.  Like, REALLY SMELLS.  It’s great.  And some DVDs, and other things that I"m forgetting just now.  Lots of great stuff.

Anna got a zillion art set things from other people, from Santa, and from us.  She has commandeered the dining room table (which still has two leaves in it) as her art studio.  She has not 120, not 150, but 270 crayons.  You seriously need to come visit and color.  She also got a watch from me, and she informs me every ten minutes what time it is.  

Today Anna and I went out and purchased wrapping paper for next year–very gorgeous stuff and lush ribbon and cool tags, all for half off.  We’re very pleased.  I also picked up an iPod action jacket, something I"ve desperately needed for some time.  I should have told Dan to put it in my Christmas sock, but hindsight is continuing to be 20/20.

The iPod jacket is part of my plan for how to attack this whatever-it-is body issue; it gets better when I exercise–carefully–so I’m going back to the gym tonight, and beginning next week I will get there to use the stair thingy at least two or three times.  I’m also going to call my friend who is a doctor and used to be my family doctor before I go back to the clinic, and unless she has something huge to tell me, I"m going to insist on MRIs and X-rays to make sure this is nothing.    I don’t know that I have to take Dan with me–I’d rather do it on my own, but we’ll see.

The good news is that I’ve taken the muscle relaxant the idiot doctor gave me for the past two nights, and I feel much better because I’ve actually slept.  It does absolutely nothing whatsoever for any pain; however, it keeps me stupid enough that all I can do is sleep.  I’ve also picked up a Yoga DVD, and once I get someone who will actually give me a diagnosis that assures me I don’t have some weird growth or a slipped disc, I’m going to talk to my former yoga practitioner about a few private sessions to set me up with some targeted work.  Basically, I’m looking for a fitness/recovery plan that has a doctor with some intelligence at the center of it, someone who won’t just whip out fibromyalgia so he can get back to solitare or whatever it was he had to go do instead of treating me.  Who knew this would be so difficult to come by.

So that’s me.  Oops, I need to go start Dan’s coffee for him.  Gotta run.

5 Comments on “Post-Christmas Update

  1. I’m probably gonna get flamed from the peanut gallery, but…
    Some people seem to like the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. It’s trendy, it’s got a fancy name, it garners sympathy. There are support groups and magnetic car ribbons for it. It’s not cancer, you won’t lose any body parts, it won’t singlehandedly kill you. There’s no cure besides taking lots of muscle relaxants and pain meds to make you stupid enough to sleep. I know people are really suffering and in pain, but just having a doctor tell you that you have some mystery disease that’s not going to get any better unless you sit on your ass all day and tell people they can’t say or do anything that might stress you out is not a diagnosis that decent people accept. (But wow, what a life, amirite?)
    I really, truly think a diagnosis of fibro is a cop-out from lazy, misogynistic doctors most of the time, and I’m glad you feel that way as well and don’t take it as an excuse to not try to improve and just quit everything and then whine about it (which it seems like is the popular goal these days). You have never struck me as the “poor me” type, and everyone I have known to have it, if they haven’t been that way in the past, they turn into completely helpless people who just want to complain about how miserable they are and ask for handouts. ‘Course, I’ve also known a person or two who have claimed fibro (since it’s not truly diagnosable, it’s more, “well, you don’t have X, Y, or Z, I guess it’s fibro”) for sympathy and permission to sit on their asses all the time, so maybe that’s why I’m bitter about it and have no sympathy for people who wear it like a crown. Studies are showing that fibro symptoms are oftentimes caused by depression and long-term stress. Maybe that’s why the most melodramatic people I have known in my life have wound up sitting on the diagnosis sooner or later.
    Nobody has to accept a fibromyalgia diagnosis. Nobody should, for that matter. It’s a lazy diagnosis and doesn’t get at the heart of what’s wrong. Maybe it’s easier to hear than “a bunch of assorted symptoms” or rheumatoid arthritis or MS or whatever other seriously scary shit is out there, but the doctor doesn’t have enough evidence to call it that and treating you for those would be even more detrimental to your health.
    I hate that you’re in pain and having weird shit happen, but I’m glad you’re not just taking the handout and becoming part of the self-pity party. I think fitness and recovery are your best bets right now, especially if you’ve found that exercising makes it better. I’m so glad you’re not just accepting this yokel’s word and saying “oh well” – or worse, “hooray.”
    Anyway, I’m happy you had such a gay Christmas. Hee. My friend Liz and I are singing a happy pagan song at the fellowship tomorrow during the offering, if you have a chance to make it.

    • Re: I’m probably gonna get flamed from the peanut gallery, but…
      The person I know who actually has fibro said much the same thing, and also said, “No way you were diagnosed that quickly.”
      I’m going in at ten this morning because it’s officially crossed over into a pain threshhold where I’m either going to pass out, vomit, or break someone’s throat. They got me in to the doctor who is NOT the one I saw Wednesday. (He is, of course, one of the two on call.) Now I’m just hoping not to end up in the hospital.

      • Re: I’m probably gonna get flamed from the peanut gallery, but…
        Oh man. I’m glad you were able to get into someone else. I hope you don’t wind up in the hospital, either, and I hope you get to feeling better. Being as they’re on call, hopefully they’re not a hurried ass. (Who are you seeing? I’ve been seeing Dr. Molian for general stuff and she seems okay.)

        • Re: I’m probably gonna get flamed from the peanut gallery, but…
          Baughman. Bird is my usual, but he’s out right now. Plus, emergent care clinic–it’s between Asshat and this guy.

          • Re: I’m probably gonna get flamed from the peanut gallery, but…
            Ahh, okay. Yeah, in that case, go for that guy. I don’t know anything about him but hopefully he is less assy than the other. Also, be careful out there, I hear it’s icy.

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