Weekend Update

 Yesterday, or rather, Friday night, it snowed here, and by snowed I mean it SNOWED.  It began in the evening, carried on through the night, and didn’t stop fully until mid-morning.  It was light Canadian stuff, so it blew as much as it fell; Dan said in some places it was as high as a foot, whereas others were more like five inches.  

I love snow like that.  I am happiest when it is falling, because though it should annoy me or make me feel trapped, it actually makes me feel very calm and safe.  The world is so absolutely beautiful when it’s full of snow, and it’s best when it’s fresh, when no one has made it dirty, when it hasn’t fallen off trees or lamposts or railings and everything is simply soft and white.  And since Dan worked at seven in the morning yesterday and the doctor has forbidden me anywhere near a shovel (and since he always does it anyway), Anna and I were homebound until Dan got off work at 3:30 and was able to clear it away.  Anna got out for a bit in the afternoon, and I took a (very short) walk in the evening, but otherwise we were here.

I worked all day on STB.  It was a bit stupid, because that was far, far too much sitting in the chair, and my shoulders told me so later, as well as my hip, but thankfully some exercise cleared that right up.  I’m on a long, slow boat to recovery, where I do nothing but stretches and very, very basic strengthening, adding things by increments, and thanks to my in-laws, I have an exercise bike in my TV room, and I do five minutes on it a day.  It sounds pathetic, but the last minute is real work.  I tried ten, but I’m shaking after, so I’m sticking to five until Monday, and then I’m going to six and see how that goes.  I joke to my PT that at the end of a week I have a full workout in.  But I did work for very nearly all of yesterday, pausing only to do a few things with Anna, exercise, shower, make dinner, and watch House.  I didn’t note when I went to bed, but it felt midnightish.  

Work revolved around trying to set the new opening, which has been giving me serious fits.  I think I may have sorted it, but we’ll see.  Point of view is giving me serious angst, because there are so many damn stories to start, but it’s hard to weave them in together, and it has to be done just right.  The solution seems to be to keep Will in the center no matter what.  When it’s another somebody’s POV, it’s still about Will, and when it’s not, he becomes involved.  That can’t linger, but for now it seems to be gluing things in nicely and making a focus, or at least I hope.  People are different than I thought they might be.  I’m not surprised that it’s darker, and I can already see that there will be a few lines I cross that I would never have last time, and I like them.  But it’s interesting how things are changed.  

I also feel like I should point out that I’ve been keeping a STB diary of my work, under a filter here.  I’ve been very slowly adding a few people I’m fairly sure would like to be on it; if you would, too, shout.  Now that I’ve put some people on it, I feel like I should pony up and open the floor.  It would be potentially interesting, I think, to anyone who likes to watch a writer’s process of revision/rewriting, or who liked following the long, strange story of STB, or who just really likes reading my natter.  Eventually I will open up the entire filter, but since I’m posting snippets and doing lots of wrestling with ideas, for now I like it "hidden."  So, now you know, if you care to.

In a bit here Anna and I are going to fellowship; we haven’t been in forever, and I don’t like her out of religious education that long, because that was the whole point of joining. Thankfully, unitarians aren’t fussy about how much church you attend, but the Lutherans in me are still loud.  I need to get my kid to church and Sunday school.  It’s probably good, too, because I am in high hermit mode and am likely overdue to get myself out of my nest.  I haven’t been subbing because I’m in PT every other minute, and because when I check the web server they never need me, for which I am secretly glad.  But there are a few social activities coming up this week (BSG Premiere with Caryle!), including what I sincerely hope is a chance to have a date with Dan when Anna’s godfather comes up to have "art day" with her.  Mostly, however, there is a lot of writing, of everything.  I was trying to read a novel at Anna’s horse lesson and ended up writing the opening to a short story in the notebook in my purse.  I intend to get back on the TWA synopsis this week, and I’ve been tinkering with editing the text body down a bit, shaping it up, which isn’t necessary but makes me feel good and powerful.  

So that’s me here.  Quiet and working and exercising like a little old grandma.  Doing well.  Hope you are, too.

3 Comments on “Weekend Update

  1. I’m glad you’re updating again, despite the pain of sitting too much. I’m cleaning and dog training- about to head out to PetSmart to take advantage of distractions.

      • haha. Good luck! Reading your STB posts have kind of scared me. I just don’t know where to start, and I know that it’s going to need to be drastically ripped apart and that characters will need to change quite a bit.

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