I love this presidency already.

 From the Change.gov blog:

New official portrait released.


Today we are releasing the new official portrait for President Barack Obama.

It was taken by Pete Souza, the newly-announced official White House photographer.

It is the first time that an official presidential portrait was taken with a digital camera.

You can see the portrait below, or click here to download a copy.  

When you click on their link, or their photo (or mine), you get a HUUUUUGE image.  And they encourage you to download it.  And the rest of the site is full of disclosures, too.  

Yes, it’s propoganda.  Yes, they are politicians and to just drink the koolaid and follow blindly would be folly.  And yet, everything about this administration so far says they’d be the first ones to point that out to you.

Come on, January 21.


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