Prop 8, Part ????? (lost count)

Found this video via HRC’s Back Story blog:  It’s regarding accusations that the LDS Church’s monetary donations substantially influenced Prop 8’s outcome in violation of federal income tax laws for exempt institutions.

It is not, I don’t think, an arguably unbiased piece, but it does bring up some interesting facts which I would like to see pursued.  (I agree with the bias, but it doesn’t help make a case to be biased.)  It makes me eager for the Iowa Supreme Court to make its ruling on Varnum vs. Brian.  

I am disappointed that the LDS did not speak for this interview.  I get why, but this isn’t an emotional diatribe.  These are facts.  And facts need answers.  And it upsets me, because if this is true, then, yes, a wealthy religious institution just influenced public policy based on deception.  And I don’t care who you are or how noble your intentions, that’s wrong, because we have strong, strong, strong disagreements on the definition of the word "moral."

Because, of course, if this were a civil discussion only, the conversation is over before it begins.

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