Random Wednesday Bits

 We have seriously fat squirrels here.  I don’t know why, though I am suspecting they ran away and stole all the acorns from the east coast squirrels, and that is why those poor guys starved.  Either that or it’s because I throw so much bread and popcorn and stale pretzels to them, though I swear the crows get the best of that booty, to be honest.

Burgie’s America’s Cup roasted whole bean coffee is pretty much my perfect cuppa right now.  It’s a local blend, so unless you live near Ames or arrange shipping and handling with me, you’re just going to have to pine.

I have not done my exercises yet today, and I never got on the bike yesterday.  I will correct both later, but I will confess that I am tempted to be seduced by the fact that I actually feel fairly good right now and skip it.   But I won’t.  Swear.


No, I really will do them.  I don’t want to hurt anymore.  Still, the temptation is there, and I feel better for confessing.

I am feeling bad because I have not been calling people I should be calling and thanking people or commenting where I should be commenting or replying, and basically I have all these things to say but am not.  I am also not finishing Mary’s sock or my grandmother’s hat and I think I have to give up on the baby booties and hat.  

I really want to read Band Fags!, which I own–it’s sitting by my beside–and I want to watch TV and movies and other things, and yet, clearly I don’t, because I’m not.  I’m just writing.  Writing, writing, writing.

I worry that I am trying to escape the unwanted by not submitting anything, which I swore I wouldn’t do, and yet I can’t help thinking how I’d thought in December that I should take a break and get out a great lump of STB in the winter when the weather matched the first act, and somehow magically that is exactly what I’m doing, and it’s going fantastically well.

I have been tempted several times to post snippets of STB on here, in public and everything, no filter, and then I don’t.

Leo Kottke is magic.

And that’s what I’ve got here today.

2 Comments on “Random Wednesday Bits

  1. Band Fags!
    Hey, there! If you do ever get around to reading my book, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.
    –Frank Anthony Polito

    • Re: Band Fags!
      I was going to just start it today and ended up reading the whole thing. Wrote you at the yahoo address on your site’s contact page. Very enjoyable.

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