Turn the kitchen light off (source)

In the comments of the previous post, Dan tossed out the line in the subject. It’s a rare reference, which I’m sure no one got anywhere on the planet, and that’s just sad. This needs to be corrected. Here is the source: a clip 1982’s screen adaptation of Annie. 1:58 has the line. But really, you need the whole thing. Because nothing has ever been or will be cheesier than this movie, and possibly excepting "We Got Annie," this is the cheesiest moment of all.

And, if you’d like to make a judgment call on WGA:

But then, the best of all is "Sign."

"I guess this means to Buenos Aires." (Pronounced Bo-nus-AHY-rees.)

You may now consider yourself educated.  Or, alternately, appalled.  Your call.

3 Comments on “Turn the kitchen light off (source)

  1. The movie was supposed to be wrapped when Carol Burnett had her chin done, but then the director called her back for more shooting. He said, “Just try to look determined.”

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