This.  Which is also known as THE COMPLETE EDDIE IZZARD DVD.


Actually, the Amzaon.uk site suggests The Complete Black Books as well.  Yes, please, and thank you.

3 Comments on “wantwantwantwantwantWANT

  1. Yes, but it’s only $45 US Dollars. To get all of them? At once? In one set? Priceless.
    They’re $15 each here. Plus, Sexie was never released in region 1. (I have a region free player.)
    HMV? Hmm. I might have to peek there. Usually I go amazon.uk because it’s all I know, but I did nearly shop HMV before, and I’m fairly sure they deliver here.

  2. Unrepeatable, I only have on audio cassette. The others I have on audio plus video and/or DVD. So really, I neeeed this boxset. Obviously. And there’s always ebay too (hmm, £20 plus postage).

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