I’ve been watching the season as it happens this time, for the first time, the first ep at the home of carylerg and the rest on hulu.  I’m liking it, but I have to say, I am not loving.  I think the first three eps could have been one, or one and a half.  They are wasting a lot of time, and I skipped several speeches entirely because I was so fantastically disinterested in hearing THAT AGAIN, and I am looking at you, Lee and what’s his face, Zerek.  I’m sick of Zerek.  I’m looking forward to Gaeta’s execution.  I’m tired of people being stressed out and anxious and nothing happening.  If this were the penultimate season, I’d feel differently, but this is the last season, we know this, and they’re having a big emo wallow all the time, and it’s making me nuts.  

And you know, after you’ve almost killed Adama six or seven times, you’ve spent your wad.  Either he’s going to live again, which is boring, or after all this time, he will finally die stupidly in an airlock for no reason at all, and I will be pissed.

Please do not end like Harry Potter.  Please do not carry us on this far and then run flat.  Is this because of success?  Is this what success does to art?  If it is, then I don’t want any.  I will continue to despair and carry on and have fits, write seven stories in the dark, sure they will never see the light of day, and then be happy if after they’re done/I’m dead they do well.  I know that countermands my last f-list entry, but I will consider this my education.  

Or maybe this is just what happens to series?  God, I hope not.


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