That’s just shit.

 Coldplay is getting sued because "Viva La Vida" sounds too much like "If I Could Fly" by Joe Satriani.  I love the entire album of Viva La Vida, like, with all my soul, so this troubled me.  I went to listen.

This is right up there with that crap about that who-ever-heard-of-her woman who used the word "muggle" in some book in the 70s or whatever and then sued Rowling.  IT’S CALLED SERENDIPITY.  There are subtle similarities.  A musical analysis would probably prove that there are some theory shades more similar.  And beyond that, it’s all shit.

I’m sure this will bring out all sorts of Satriani supporters out of nowhere who will flame in the comments.  Go on, have at it.  I warn you now, I’ll answer every one.

Listen for yourself.  Satriani is here.

Coldplay is here.

Muggles, sadly, are everywhere.

One Comment on “That’s just shit.

  1. I knew someone whose husband was an expert in these kinds of cases. Most of them involve songs that you do not want to hear repeatedly while testimony is being prepared. She had developed a deep-seated hatred for the underaged hip-hop duo Kriss-Kross, as I recall.

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