Three cheers for internet!!! And the Cheating Bastard in drag.

 Oh, my God.  Let us never do that again.

So, we have internet.  I think Dan is still troubleshooting his (PC: always the most troublesome to hook up to the wireless), but the laptop and Anna’s and mine are up, and the Wii and the Rouku box are on deck.  It performs so much better, too, because my internet is sailing along like nobody’s business, no hangs or holds or hiccups.  I had no idea what I was missing.

However, I’m noticing it’s really hard to read the computer screen.  Might be time to go to the eye doctor again.  It’s always something.

The house is very clean, and I baked cookies and made dinner and read.  I also went to bed last night at 8:30.  Did gym today as well, the full monty, all weights and two miles on the stepper.  Baby, I am back.  And almost entirely weaned from drugs.  As soon as my shoulder muscles get used to the idea of being used, we’ll be all set.  

Also submitted a full to an agent this week.  So, that’s good.

Then there’s this.

This is Jude Law.  (Also known as That Cheating Bastard, as christened by mary35 .)  According to this site he’s in a movie called Rage, and it stars Dame Judi Dench and Eddie Izzard and other people, and Jude Law in drag.

I am . . . transfixed.  I can’t stop looking at this picture.  Apparently I have a real thing for straight men in drag.  I mean, I really, really do.  Because I’ve been upset with Eddie Izzard for some time since he stopped doing his standup in tranny gear.

I have nothing against drag queens–not at all.  It’s just that it isn’t as fun when I know they have no interest in me that way at all.  But a straight man?  Ohhhh.  I think it’s the fuck-you-world aspect of it.  Because there’s a man in there, but he looks like a woman, or has the gender thing all mixed around . . . .


Anyway.  This is me.  With internet and staring at Jude Law, not really caring if he’s a cheating bastard or not right now, to be honest.  Happy Wednesday.

5 Comments on “Three cheers for internet!!! And the Cheating Bastard in drag.

  1. Thank goodness I’m having a hard time seeing Jude in there because something like this could really mess with my mental image of Phillip. (Jude is my stand-in.) But the picture is certainly quite striking.

  2. I hate to say it, but I’m completely transfixed. I’m not even sure how I feel, but I’m certainly intrigued. Perhaps he’s reminding me of someone (not Jude Law CB)(?) If so, I can’t even figure out who. This might actually make me feel better about him. 🙂

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