Britain, you may keep the snow.

News from over the pond is of more and more of the white stuff falling on the UK, which I can only assume is our white stuff transplated. The sun has been shining. The temperatures have been rising, so much so that you can go out not just without hat but without gloves as well. I am hearing strange stories of 50 degree weather for the weekend. I also hear stories of thunderstorms for Monday, which convinces me that Sunday will be spent digging out the basement room which is full of stuff and, if that rain is what it sounds like, will probably come into that room as a small flood. Again.

I have spent the week cleaning and working out. There surely were other activities as well, but I don’t know what they were. A few phone calls, a lovely visit from ooshiny and her loved ones, and some viewing of House because there must always be a viewing of House. Dan has been sick and is getting damn tired of it, which I empathize with, though it’s harder because I’m feeling so damn good it’s hard to do anything but bounce. And by "feel good" I mean that I have energy. I’m sore, still, especially in the shoulders, which is why there has been so much focus on working out, because I want to move the arms and shoulders into the place where the hips are, which is feeling a lot more solid and stable and generally in the place where they should be. But I think the shoulders are just a bit fucked, personally. PT appointment in half an hour; will know more after, maybe.

Tomorrow is Coraline day. We are all trekking down to WDM to see the movie in 3-D at Jordan Creek’s theater, and carylerg and mary35 will be in attendance as well. jeffreyjingles is a loser and staying home, though I hear he’s coming for food later. I have plans to take the laptop along and ask the Apple store to check the battery, and at some point Caryle and I will kick out everyone else and watch the latest BSG on Hulu.

That’s the report from this desk. I leave you with the Coraline trailer, which Anna has watched about a bazillion times. Also the official movie site, where you can make your own Coraline flower among other things.

Oh, and here’s Neil Gaiman talking about buttons.

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