My BSG Prediction

 First of all, I will say that I ADORED this episode, and it was worth slogging through the first few sleepers.  Such an excellent, excellent episode.

Now for spoilers, and a prediction I want on the record so I look smart if it comes true.

I loved the Ellen and John stuff.  God, that just ROCKED.  Love Ellen. Love all of it.  LOVE Sam.  LOVE #7.

And I think that Kara is David.

The end.

3 Comments on “My BSG Prediction

  1. I’m so glad you liked it! 🙂
    As for my prediction — I think David is Kara’s father. Also that line from Sam about there being so many layers, made me think of my fugue theory.

  2. I thought it was Daniel, not David. But I often hallucinate.
    artist + DNA/amniotic fluid messed with ~= Kara, I agree. This is one of the more popular theories out there, but running neck and neck with Daniel being Kara’s daddy given the whole organic memory thing.
    Just glad they finally got us some meat after getting Gaeta and Zarek out of the way.
    Of course, Gaeta could also have been Daniel.

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