I’ll take that.

End of day update is thus: 

I went to the doctor, got refills on my prescription, a real examination and a schedule for an MRI.  I have a reiki appointment tomorrow.  I have a thick foam thing in the bed where my shoulder goes.  I haven’t had caffeine since noon, and I had a significant amount less today than I have had lately.  I also, by some miracle, am starting to get feeling back in the places that went numb today.  Yay.

I wrote all day, even though I was tired, and I have just a bit under 20k on that sucker.  That’s since Friday.  I have by my guess about six scenes to go, one which should be really, really steamy (and fun!), and then the next sequence is the resolution and so will move pretty quickly.  I think I stand good odds at this first draft coming in right around or under the ceiling of 30k, and that’s before I do any editing, of which the first few scenes in particular will need it desperately.  Well, actually the first one I wrote today because I finally figured it out, so it’s close.  Second and third, though.

I could stay up tonight and finish easy, but I’m going to go down and watch some Roseanne with Dan, then go to bed and get good sleep full of drugs, and then in the morning I’m going to get up and write, and by the end of the day I’ll have a first draft.  If it goes as easy as I think to edit, I should have a finished version by the end of the week.  Then I just have to put together a query-ish thing and I can submit it to EC.


See, today was okay after all.

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