Internet blackout

Thanks to frankie_ecap  and Neil Gaiman who nearly simultaneously let me know about this one, one via twitter and one via LJ.

From The Creative Freedom New Zealand website:

Join The New Zealand Internet Blackout to protest against the Guilt Upon Accusation law ‘Section 92A‘ that calls for internet disconnection based on accusations of copyright infringement without a trial and without any evidence held up to court scrutiny. This is due to come into effect on February 28th unless immediate action is taken by the National Party.

Join thousands of New Zealanders already against this law by blacking out your Facebook photo, your websites, your Myspace pages, your Twitter account, in protest against this unjust new law that may come into effect on February 28.

Also, don’t forget to sign the petition at the bottom of the page.

2 Comments on “Internet blackout

  1. While I recognize it is not the U.S. – talk about guilty until proven innocent. Or just “guilty – we don’t care whether you actually were or not.”

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