You know it’s bad when

you go to a chiropractor and mid-way through the diagnostic exam they just sort of look at you with a mixture of horror and disbelief.  Not that "oh, yes, many problems, yes, many visits, yes, mm-hmm" look that you know is shit, but the sort that they can’t fake.

He also freakishly knew just where to touch and how to move stuff, and then he’d say, "Is that tight?" as I went into orbit.

No idea what, if anything, this will do.  But at least I’m not sitting at home popping vicodin.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, someone just crapped in the litterbox and it smells like a toilet in here, and I must tidy up a bit and try to squeeze in some gym before I go pick up Anna.

Body for sale: cheap. 

2 Comments on “You know it’s bad when

  1. Do not let a chiro EVEN touch your neck. lower back work only, otherwise use a
    Use go to a physical therapist or a massusse.
    I had a brain stem stroke at the age of 42 from a chiro. i was in the hospital for seven weeks and could not drive a car for six months..As the mom of a 4th & 5th grader, slowed me down a lot at first.
    Had to relearn to walk, talk, swallow and write. Really took two years out of my life to relearn things. Not something i’d recommend if you like yourself. Really messed with how I saw myself as a person. Zaps your confidence and esteem for some reason. Makes you more fearful of life curves. A physician pointed out the neck is the most vulnerable area on your body and other one pointed out how many movies show some spy killing someone with a quick turn of the neck..
    Be safe with yourself…I had gone to chiros for ten years, like sometimes once a week but the time a chiro recom. 2 x in a day even spread out with 4 days in between, lasted 2 x. Then this happened.

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