I don’t understand spam.

Honestly, does anyone fall for that slurry that gets directed into our spam folder?  Would anyone if it came to the inbox?  I mean–seriously, if I had bedroom issues, there’s no way I would get drugs from someone who can’t even spell.  Same for diet pills.

And yet every day they come in droves: promises to "never let her down again in the bedroom" or a tip that I can receive replica watches at good prices, or some unknown company that looks suspiciously like a bunch of letters banged out of the keyboard at random assures me they can get me discounts on my medications during these difficult times.  My favorites are the ones that try to mask themselves as invitations to dinner or a confirmation of my order only to wax rhapsodic about erectile disfunction.  Again. 

I can’t decide if there really are enough stupid people falling for these to make them profitable, or if for some people making these up is a good way to spend a Saturday night.

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