Heading to the home of jeffreyjingles in a few hours (okay, five) to celebrate Oscars.  Never mind that we’ve seen nothing but Milk and Wall-E.  It’s tradition. Also, when we tried to say, "we’ll do it next year" Anna looked at us as if we’d cancelled Christmas.  So southward we go.  

This has meant that my day is getting us ready for both tonight and tomorrow, since Dan works today and Anna still has school in the morning.  Also tomorrow is a cat appointment, and other appointments for both Dan and I.  But first I had to unbury the dining room from the laundry carnage, which meant I first had to find the dining room table so that I could fold things on it.  The good news is, I had the energy to do it.  Now all that’s left is to get my strength training in, eat some lunch, and shop for our portion of the food fest this evening.  I have to abandon my idea of popcorn served in cute containers I found cheap at Target, because they stink so badly from chemicals that they were burning my eyes as I tried to wash them, and the water made them worse.  Lovely.  

Anyway.  This week will be the battle of the chiropractor vs. the neurologist.  Tune in Wednesday or so to see who wins, or if they join in poetic harmony to lead me to health and happiness.  In the meantime, think gold.

2 Comments on “Oscar!

    • Nominated and won just about everything! I have plans to see it, but probably when it hits the dollar theater or DVD. Just didn’t work out this go-round. We got to Milk and that was it.

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