No more black

 because apparently the protests worked.  Personally, I suspect it was more the lobbying and work in the actual country, but I was proud to be a part of the protest, however small.

Oscars were great.  Another bad night of sleep though, and just had to vicodin myself out of acute shoulder pain.  So now am slightly stoned.  Good news is that I have an appointment with the chrio at  noon, and Dan is going along to be the rational party, and he’s adjusting his work schedule to get to the neurologist tomorrow.  He’s also being all take-charge and firm and "we’ll find this, we’ll fix this," which is both sexy and comforting at once.

It’s also official (and strange) that I have replaced cigarettes with Italian Style Frozen Vegetables.  When Dan and I were talking, trying to make a plan, and I just kept getting upset, finally I said, "I’m just going to go make some vegetables.  I’ll feel better."  He looked at me funny, but I just went to the kitchen, turned on the cast iron pan and started cooking, and as I watched them heating, I started to calm, and when I ate them the world was better after.  I don’t understand this at all, but it’s a nice perk.  I’m rabidly addicted to a cheap frozen health food that has successfully replaced nicotine and works when narcotics don’t.  Bizarre, but cool.  It also makes me feel a bit smug.

Actually, the raw baby carrots leftover from what we took to Oscars last night sound really good, too . . . .

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