Not your mother’s chiropractic practice

Well, I’ve been to my diagnostic report session with the chiro and had my first adjustment, and now I will report.  Since I’m going to be pimping, and because it’s positive, I’m going to give you full deets: I went to the Complete Spine & Headache Center on Mortensen Road in Ames–it’s right down the street from the middle school, if you live here and want a point of reference.  My doctor was Anthony J. Davis, D.C., and this is his website.

I’ll lead by saying this was the best chiropractic experience I’ve ever had.  It was the first one where I didn’t receive an adjustment the same day I went in, where that day was just extensive diagnostics and x-ray.  That was last Friday; today I received a report, presented in a paper binder with detailed explanation of what he perceived as the issues at hand, but also what I had reported as my concerns, and he reviewed them with me while I was sitting there, making sure he understood my issues correctly. Every other time I’ve been to chiropractors there has been a sense of urgency, a push to act now, and often a point of view that chiropractic could do everything for me but auto-sort my laundry.  This was not the case here.  In fact, Dr. Davis said he thought he could help me, but he said of course he could not guarantee it.  He laid out his plan for treatment, twelve sessions over four weeks, and he said he’d like to re-evaluate at the end of these twelve sessions.  

I also brought Dan with me, which if you don’t know, taking a pharmacist in to any alternative medicine is a bit like taking an atheist to church.  But Dr. Davis was very patient and very open, and he answered all Dan’s questions, making sure he felt comfortable, too.  I told him I was seeing a neurologist tomorrow, too, and he had no problem with this, making it very clear all my health decisions were my own.  He was also going to not fight Dan’s impulse to wait for adjustments until the neurologist had seen me; I, however, pushed it, and received my first treatment.

Here’s the more important place where this treatment was different: there was absolutely no manual manipulation.  I’ve had some manipulation done with the little tool in the past, but always in conjunction with the here-move-your-hip-let-me-twist-your-pelvis stuff; this adjustment was with that little tool only.  There was also a lot more examination during the adjustment than I’d ever received.  Best, though, was that Dan was in the adjustment room with me, and Dr. Davis explained and showed everything he was doing to Dan, which put Dan even more at ease and also satisfied his curiosity/need for input.  

It’s been a few hours since my adjustment now, and as he warned, I can’t tell you that I’m pain free.  In fact, in a way, I hurt a bit more, but the best comparison I can make to you is dental work.  My left shoulder is the best example: it hurt this morning, a lot, and it hurts now, a lot, but the pain difference is like that before you go in for a root canal or extraction vs. what you feel post procedure.  It’s the ache of work having been done, and it’s a lot more of a productive ache.

I feel good about this. I’m still curious to hear the neurologist, but I am starting to think I might be able to get back to the gym by the end of the week, which is really great.  And if you’re in Ames and looking for a chiropractor, I highly recommend the Complete Spine & Headache Center, and Dr. Davis.

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