You know you are an artist when

 you really, really need new pants, because none of yours fit, and so when you see that the ones that fit you best now are on sale, you negotiate with your husband who agrees that this internet offer you found is a good deal, so you plan to move the money for them from savings, but before you place the order, something happens.  You know you shouldn’t, but the muses are whispering that you need new music, so you forget for a moment (or choose to ignore) that you REALLY REALLY don’t have the money for new music, that you already bought an album this paycheck, but then you go listen to the Coraline soundtrack anyway, and you feel the hum, and you feel the story opening, maybe, finally, so you decide to just do more laundry as you take one of the pairs of jeans out of your shopping basket and buy the soundtrack instead.

Well, probably most people don’t do that exactly, but in my experience if you’re willing to wear baggy pants to feed your art, you know you have the bug.

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