An experiment

 Right, so today is another day, etc, etc.  The myriad drugs gave me a decent night’s sleep, and I’m somewhat pain-free-ish this morning, and my head is almost clear.  So I’m going to give myself my own personal nanowrimo sort of day to work.  There’s a lot to do here, and Anna is home, so this is the plan.

1.  Write for thirty minutes, with timer.  
2.  Gather, sort, and start laundry.
3. Check in with Anna.
4.  Write again.
5.  Shower and go pick up CD at library.
6.  Probably food about then.  More Anna. And laundry.
7.  Writing again.

This is a rough draft of the day, not a script, but I want to keep on this back and forth, trying to wade my way in.  By this evening I want to be in a good enough groove that I can close the door for a few hours and just slide way in.  The kick is I don’t know yet to what.  I did a tarot trying to decide between SL and STB, and SL came up, surprisingly.  I like this better, because i wanted to finish that before I returned to STB, but we’ll see.

I will report back on how things go.  The goal for the day is to get back in the writing gig and to put a bit of shape back into the house/housework.  Neither Dan nor Anna care about the house, but there’s always a correlation to my state of mind and my environment.  The goal by Monday is that I have re-managed pain, restarted writing, and launched into a full-on spring clean of the house, which will take two weeks.  Part of my problem the past couple of weeks has been that I am listless.  I function better busy. So busy I will be.

One Comment on “An experiment

  1. Thanks.
    I am now eagerly waiting to hear news of your little ones now, btw. Have been meaning to write back, but . . . ah, life.

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