I might, possibly, be finally out of the first scene.

 I’ve been working on SHINING LIGHT, the novella formerly known as STIFF DRINK, and if you read that and think, "Wow, shift in tone," you’re damn right, and jesusgod, what a shitload of work this has been.  My "I’ll just write this little quickie while I wait for the weather to be warmer for the next section of STB" turned into a hairshirt.  I forget how much I filtered, but somewhere under the friends filter are the first drafts/second drafts of this sucker–three or four scenes into posting them, my body went haywire, and the story fell apart, too.  While I tried to climb back on, I spent a lot of time in the middle, and then for the past four or five days at the beginning.  I am so sick of this beginning I can’t even tell you.  But Dan said it was good, so I am resting now.  And I’m actually writing in scene two, THANK YOU, UNIVERSE.

Anna has a playdate today, and I have chiro, and Dan has a few appointments–this is a busy couple weeks, because Dan and Anna have vacation, so my quiet days are off the table for awhile.  Which is okay, because I kind of like these guys.  This week Dan doesn’t work at all, and Anna only has two days of school.  We head to Washington (Iowa) to see our good friends and former physicians, and hopefully we swing by my mother as well on the way back.  Then next week Anna has no school all week long.  I’m really hoping for decent enough weather to get on the bike several of those days.

Health stuff is boring and the same.  Numb hips this morning, and my shoulders are very painful by the end of the day. But no vicodin last night, which is GREAT.  Didn’t get to the gym because of schedule and ill-feeling body, but will do some work at home today and get back on the horse tomorrow.

Right now I’m listening to Amethystium, which is traditionally Madeline-in-Etsey music.  I’m trying to make it Hal-goes-into-surreal-bar music.  I think it’s working, but I have to resist the moor and mist and water daemons rising from the deep.  I think it will work in just a few more songs and after a shower and a few drugs to make my hips not feel like they are twenty degrees colder than the rest of my body.  It helps that I’m limiting it to Isabliss, an album that I only listened to during the last redraft of TSV.  Of course, "Unbounded" is ruined forever.  

I am really, really missing Etsey lately.  Considering making a private printing of it through Lulu just so I can read it not at my computer.  That sucker is too long for a screen.  Alas, if I had a Kindle . . . .

If you’re wondering why the "whore" avatar, it’s just because it’s because it’s my favorite.  Well, and I am.

(Cuddy is my favorite, too.)

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