Don’t let the crazies out

 In the past few days I have been visiting some new forums, and I’ve also been reading more comments on blogs and news posts.  I’m thinking now that I want to stop doing that, say, maybe, forever.

What keeps me going back is that I can’t figure it out.  Are there more crazies per capita in these venues?  Do sane people simply appear crazy because they’re taken out of context?  Are people in general crazier than I have been willing to admit?  

I don’t know.  I’ve heard all about the no accountability culture, blah, blah, blah, and I think it’s true to a point, but seriously. Is anyone actually satisfied by going on a forum, barfing all over everyone, then walking away?  Or is this some sort of psychotic hit and that’s why they keep coming back?  Go insult someone, toss out some snark, and then feed the dog?  Is this Jekyl and Hyde–on the internet they’re assholes, and then they go work for charity?

Don’t know.  Don’t know. Probably never will, either, but sadly, this will not keep me from wanting to.

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