A Tale of Two Therapists

Today I had both a physical therapy appointment and a chiropractic appointment.  In the PT appointment we discovered that I overuse my shoulder, like, a lot, and this may very well be the source of at least a significant portion of up my arm/shoulder weakness, numbness, and pain. We discussed proper technique of everything from sitting to reaching to vacuuming.  I have to rethink how I do every single one of my arm exercises, because I’ve been doing them wrong in the sense that I’ve been using my shoulder inappropriately.  This was a watershed moment.  We discussed my weakened muscle areas and how to strengthen them, and we discussed carpal tunnel and knees and gluteus minimus and pretty much everything.  I came in with a thirteen point list of questions, and she answered them all, and I left with a new battery of exercises and techniques.

Then I went to the chiropractor, who shined a laser light in five places on my body and fixed everything.

I mean, when I went in, we did the thumb-to-pinky test which I have been failing for every doctor and specialist for months, the leg weakness, the shoulder weakness: everything.  I have no less than fifteen PT exercises I do to try and whittle away at each and every one of these, and the neurologist is talking about cutting up my wrists, and this guy takes ten minutes to shine light on the visible spectrum at points and suddenly I am not weak there anymore.  If it hadn’t been on my body, I would have accused it of being a parlor trick.  I’m still trying to sort out how this isn’t real, but the truth is that after he did that you can’t pull my thumb-to-pinky apart, or push down my leg, or any of the other things.  "Surely this won’t stay!" I said, once I couldn’t figure out how this was some sort of trick.  He said we might need to do a few more to be sure, and it is likely to radiate out like a tree, trunk to branches, but actually, no, that should be it, especially if I keep up my PT exercises and start putting my shoulders right.

So that could be it.  All this.  All this stuff.  All these months, all this pain–now it’s just done?  I can’t believe it.  I want to–oh, God, I want to, but you might as well put a unicorn in my living room.  I want that, too, but I couldn’t believe in that even if I were looking it in the face.  (Anna would hug it and climb on.)  Lasers.  Five minutes of lasers resetting my neruo-muscular connection might keep me from surgery and pain.  And that one session might have done it.

This session was even complimentary, because it’s such a new technology.

I would cry, but I can’t believe it yet.  I feel like I felt when we knew Obama was going to win, but I couldn’t let go until I was sure, and then it was like I was out of my body.  I can’t believe this is it.  And, I know it’s not, because I have to do my work to keep anything that gets reset.  I might go to sleep tonight and still have my arms go to sleep.  But I might not.  The tingly feeling I have running down my arms right now might not be my imagination–that might be blood and other fluids actually flowing correctly through points which have been blocked and have now been reset.  

I will pay the $35 a week for this treatment.  I will skip iTunes until it’s done if that’s what it takes.  I will do my exercises and keep my shoulders back, and I will try to let go and just believe.  And if I hear hoofbeats in the living room, I’ll tell Anna to scootch forward, and I’ll hop on behind.

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