Don’t worry, California, you can come to Iowa

 Iowa Surpeme Court says same sex marriage is legal in the state in a unanimous decision.

The decision makes Iowa the first Midwestern state, and the fourth nationwide, to allow same-sex marriages. Lawyers for Lambda Legal, a gay rights group that financed the court battle and represented the couples, had hoped to use a court victory to demonstrate acceptance of same-sex marriage in heartland America. (Des Moines Register)

I’m so proud I could burst.  I’m so happy I could fly.  I’m so giddy that I’m inarticulate.

We did it.  We DID IT.   Our state–our state!  Iowa!  Iowa!  Pokey old Iowa!  

I hurt so badly today that I spent most of the night crying, but suddenly I don’t give a damn.  Iowa.  Iowa is a benchmark of equality.  My state.

So, so proud of my LJ handle today.  So proud.  SO PROUD!!!!!

5 Comments on “Don’t worry, California, you can come to Iowa

  1. I am so glad you’re my friend 🙂
    And I am so glad your state is, too. 🙂
    (I also hope this decision influences the CA Supremes in the right direction as they deliberate whether or not to overturn Prop 8.)

    • I had not thought of the potential ramifications this decision has for the future of Prop 8. Hopefully this does influence them in the right direction.

    • I saw that you blogged the actual statement/written opinion; that’s the real beauty, that the judges–unanimously–said, and with such eloquence, that there was no legal reason for this to be any other way.
      I disagree with the people who say Iowa would vote for an amendment. I think that would sit in the craw of many people, including more republicans than not. I also believe that One Iowa will do a great job of keeping up the fight, and I intend to help them.
      The key here is that now all LGBT Iowans need to do is go get married and show, publicly, how good this is for our state and for society in general, and soon the issue will be put to bed once and for all. And given the amazing couples I’ve met in my work with One Iowa, this isn’t going to be any work for them at all.

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