Why the Iowa decision won’t be overturned.

I knew before the ruling came down today that if it went in our favor, it would hold, because I’ve been to myriad One Iowa training and preparation sessions; I’ve already been informed of the way Iowa’s constitutional amendment process works. It is theoretically possible for an amendment to happen, but it would take many, many years to happen even in the easiest of circumstances, and the current legislature has made it clear that it will not entertain the start of an amendment process anytime soon.

Here is Iowa state Senator Matt McCoy, giving a more thorough explanation, and also a historical recap of our record of leading in civil rights:

I agree with him: you should come to Iowa, gay or straight, because this IS the Iowa I grew up with, the Iowa that I have feared at times was stolen away from me.  We do not get in other people’s business here.  Oh, sure, we’ll gossip over the coffee, but when push comes to shove, Iowans believe in individual rights more than anything else.  "Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain."  We are more than corn and pigs and soybeans.  We are the state that has once again helped lead the way in affirming that yes, every single citizen does deserve full equality, and we will help ensure your rights are protected.

This is just the best day.  I have a pinched nerve in my neck that has my eyes crossing, my back is numb and I’m constantly working to not throw up from pain, but I hardly care.  We did it.  Iowa did it.  And everywhere I look, Iowans of all orientation are celebrating.

Oh, my state.  My beautiful state.  Thank you.  Today you are better than Vicodin.

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