Calling all amazons: protect marriage now

I need your help. Whoever you are, wherever you are, I and my state need your help.

The National Organization for Marriage should be a pretty familiar name to anyone in California; apparently, we’re going to hear all about them now in Iowa, starting with this ad, which will start airing tomorrow.

I know about this ad because I am a supporter of One Iowa, and they sent it out in an email alert.  We just had a huge victory in Iowa for equality, in a civil rights case which is already being touted as one which will become landmark in all other cases.  But our legislature is still in session, and forces from all across the country are pouring the same kind of money that established Proposition 8 in California into Iowa to reverse the tide and take us back to a state of discrimination.

This makes me angry.  It feels like such an understatement to say that, because there’s not enough color in that phrase.  This makes me furious.  This insults me, all the way down to my core.  They’re trying to use fear and prejudice and out and out lies to manipulate the voters in my state to achieve their will.  I am doing all I can to fight them.  Dan & I have a blog where we’re trying to chronicle news and help facilitate calls to action, and we twitter alerts and blog posts from that same site.  I’m rallying all the troops I can, from everywhere.  I haven’t been writing, (and haven’t been blogging much here, either, as you’ve been able to see).  But I can only do so much.  I’m under it because of my health issues and can’t donate more than enough for them to buy lunch.  They need more.  They need a lot more.  And they’re going to need it to keep coming.

We are not California.  We are not full of movie stars and actors and producers who can make slick youtube vids and have deep pockets.  The One Iowa team is amazing, professional, and incredibly prepared–but as we all know from California, money matters, and it matters a lot.  If we have NOM and their ilk coming into our state, spreading hate, we’re going to get outgunned fast.  So I need your help.  Iowa needs your help.

If you can donate to One Iowa, please do so.  Whether you can donate or not, forward this message to your friends, and get them to sign up for One Iowa alerts.  I’d tell you to follow The Iowa Marriage Alliance (that’s the blog Dan & I made), but honestly, One Iowa is the definitive source here.  We’re just there to expound and commentate and basically pour more energy into this.  But if opponents of equal rights are going to import out of state support and money, equality is going to need it, too.

Please give to equality.  Please send letters to The Des Moines Register.  Please join One Iowa.  Please help us become the state that defeats discrimination instead of becoming the next victim to it.

Thank you.

One Comment on “Calling all amazons: protect marriage now

  1. Not that I have to report back to you like you’re my mom, or anything, but I just donated what I could to One Iowa. Thank you for keeping me informed; I appreciate it. 🙂

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