Tomorrow I will not be an activist.

 Or, rather, I really hope I’m not.  The plain truth is that if something blows up again like it did today, I will get my fanatic on all over again.  However, I’m really hoping tomorrow can be a leisurely work out, a quick trip to the chiro, and then a long afternoon and evening writing and finishing coloring eggs with Anna.  I haven’t written much at all this week, and it’s starting to get to me, particularly because I have ideas for tweaks and redirections on two big projects and have YET to finish the novella.  

Had a lovely reiki session today, though, where I was encouraged to be in my body instead of trying to escape it.  A visualization trip through my internals ("Think about that Magic School Bus video," she said.) led me to a strange mash-up of my pelvis and Evie’s kitchen (Evie is a character in a novel of mine), and when I asked this same region what it wanted, it promptly answered, "A hot fudge sundae."  

As linked above (don’t know if it will take you into Facebook or not, we’ll see), Anna has begun The Great Egg Coloring Extravaganza.  We had no less than eighteen cups out at one point, for twenty-three eggs.  She painted some tonight and will continue that tomorrow–if you haven’t painted on dyed eggs before, I suggest you do.  Especially with a seven year-old.

Favorite part of my day: I made it to Smash, and I finally got my shirt.

One Comment on “Tomorrow I will not be an activist.

  1. Oh eggs sound fun… here it is Friday already! Flexeril FTW baby. I gotta find a chiro/PT, and bake a pie, which has been postponed ’till next week. Or possibly tomorrow. Whichever I notice first.

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