Don’t want a Kindle anymore

 Earlier today I saw a tweet hinting that is censoring LGBT books.  I ignored it.  Dan said he’d heard it, too.  I said, "No, they wouldn’t.  That’s stupid."  Then I finally sat down and checked the internet myself, and I began to read, and read, and read, and now I am heartsick that I have ever used them at all.

Read about it here, or twittersearch #amazonfail, or go to Smart Bitches Trashy Novels, or, apparently, soon you can go to the LA Times to read.  Essentially, they’ve removed all LGBT books–ALL–from google ranks.  ALL.  Doesn’t matter if it’s YA, if it’s got any sex in or not.  A bunch of "erotica" has been removed as well, but there isn’t anything as sweeping as "everything LGBT."  I’m so angry I can’t really be articulate, and I don’t have all the info yet, but I can’t read anymore.  This is such a kick in the teeth, and the gut, and the shins, and the back as we try to crawl away.  This affects searches on amazon, and all sorts of things.  It’s so bad I can’t even tell you. 

I can’t shop there.  We’ve done all kinds of shopping there, but even if they fix this quickly, I can’t shop there for awhile.  I"m going to pay more to buy through Borders or anywhere else.  I can’t support them.  I’ve heard about them bullying publishers, I’ve heard about their undercutting new releases with used, and there’s more I"m forgetting, but basically it was the old adage that they came for the As, they came for the Bs, and I did nothing, and now they’ve come for me.  Because this was my best ticket with Lulu, was getting an rank.

Well, fuck you, assholes.  Yes, you were a nice service, right up until the point where you completely screwed me and a whole, whole lotta other people.  

If you can help it, don’t shop at  Ever again.

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