Last comments for the night on #amazonfail

 An employee broke company code and anonymously spoke to Seattlepi, one assumes because he/she has more of a sense of how damaged is than its own PR department.


Thousands of people were angry that gay-themed books had disappeared from Amazon’s sales rankings and search algorithms. The number of Tweets on Sunday afternoon that had the term "AmazonFail" surpassed even those with the words "Easter" or "Jesus."

By this time, had upgraded the problem to Sev-1. ( breaks down its operational issues in terms of severity levels. Sev-3 means a problem affects a single user. Sev-2 is a problem that affects a company, or a lot of people. Sev-1 is reserved for the most critical operational issues and often are sent up the management chain to the senior vice president level.)

"People got pulled away from their Easter thing when this whole thing broke," the employee said. "It was just a screwup."

If this is true, (which I actually believe could very well be it) the fail is quickly becoming a two-fer: on the one hand, how messed up is this system that one clumsy fumble in France can cause damage that takes two days to undo, and on another, how absolutely fucked up is that they didn’t say this Sunday afternoon.  Or, if they felt that was to revealing, why didn’t they come out to the press in some vague but apologetic manner or at least in some gesture that said they cared that their reputation was going into the toilet?  Clearly the answer is, because they don’t want to.  And this, even now, is not from  This is an anonymous tip from someone who, in the grand hierarchy, is somewhere between flunkie and semi-flunkie.

This is the system with which we have entrusted a large section of the publishing world.  This is the company who controls what we read and if our works are seen.

This needs to change really, really, really damn fast.

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