My response to’s response to me.


Thank you for your response to my concern over’s removal of ranks of LGBT & other books. It helps to resolve some of my concern, but not all. I don’t understand why I hear that this has been happening since February, and frankly as both a reader and an author I am now convinced your company has too much power and control over the book industry, power which I’m not yet sure you are interested in using responsibly. I’m frankly appalled at how long it took you to make any statements on this issue, and my faith in your company is still badly rocked. I will be watching very closely to see how you resolve this issue and how quickly. I am not canceling my account at this time, but I have already stopped my family’s purchases at your site and am not yet sure when or if I will begin again. I have ignored rumors of’s dictatorial and bullying practices in the past, and now I am sorry I did. You have a great deal of work to do to restore your reputation with me and with many others. I suspect you adopt a great deal of humility very quickly and work very, very hard at listening, or you will very soon be a once-great company wondering how you became so insignificant. Sincerely, Heidi Cullinan

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