Just one more on #amazonfail

And it’s a link, to a blog from my new favorite bookstore.  Vromans says:

By now, you’ve probably heard all you care to hear about Amazon’s incredibly stupid decision to “de-list” books with adult content (and especially books with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender themes and subject matter).  You’ve readthe excellent blog poststhe well-written letters to Jeff Bezosfollowed along on Twitter and the retorts by independent booksellers.  You’re probably about ready to turn the page on that whole mess and continue with your life.


This is more important than that, and now is the perfect time to think about whether you want to trust one company to dominate the book market, or any market, for that matter.  The benefit of having  a rich, diverse ecosystem of vendors and suppliers has never been more obvious:  many sources of information equals choice, and choice equals freedom.  It’s actually your freedom that’s at stake here, and putting things back the way they were, fixing the notorious “glitch,” won’t change that.  Because your freedom was at stake long before this recent de-listing experiment. Anytime you limit yourself to fewer suppliers, especially of something as vital as information (and if you purchase a Kindle, you’re effectively doing just that, limiting yourself to a single information provider), you’re putting yourself at the mercy of that provider.

Amazon.com isn’t bad.  But they are too powerful.  And that has to stop.

3 Comments on “Just one more on #amazonfail

  1. Excellent points all around. But I have to wonder, has anybody really limited themselves solely to Amazon or iTunes for books/music? There’s so much more out there that neither make available, always has been.

    • *raises hand* With the exception of Madonna releases, I really have converted completely to iTunes/Amazon at least for my music purchases. I simply don’t buy CDs anymore. Period.
      I have to disagree with the statement that “there is so much more out there that neither make available.” Amazon and iTunes actually have FAR more selection than just about any other place I have seen. There is no brick and mortar store that is going to challenge them with respect to amount of music sold or available.
      Now, if the argument is “are the books and music out there not getting attention?”, then by all means, the answer is yes. I just don’t think that you’re going to find a more comprehensive one-stop shop than Amazon or iTunes.

      • I had to think about this for a while, because I remember going to Amazon numerous times for things assuming they’d carry them and being disappointed. But I couldn’t recall exactly what for a bit – once I have gotten the thing it falls off my want list so I had to rummage… lots of books published overseas are not carried on Amazon US – sometimes I can get them via Amazon [Other Country] but shipping and turn-around time are dubious at best. Like, three months on a good day. My best bet so far has been to order from a specialty bookstore who then holds it for pickup or ships to me if too far away to drive. Also lots of older or indie music isn’t carried by iTunes or Amazon – sometimes I can find it on Amazon if iTunes doesn’t carry it, but not all the time. Last, an odd and sometimes random assortment of not-books-or-music goods – I realize this is more likely due to secondary sellers inventory offerings being limited, but there are funny holes in what Amazon carries directly too. So while Amazon is one of my first spots to check, it’s often not the last.

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