Like many women, I wear a daily pantyliner.  Since the key word there is daily, I have to keep them in stock, and I often glare at the package in the Target aisle, hating that I have to spend $5 on the things.  Generally I buy the Always brand, more out of habit than anything, though partly because they work and once that happens my philosophy is "why change?"  Especially with something as boring as a pantyliner.  

But last Target run, when I had to restock, I noticed that the Target brand (colored purple, just like the Always box) was not only less money, but was more than double the quantity for that same item.  Score, I think! And I buy them, thinking I am so smart.

Well, I use two to one of the Target brand vs. the Always brand, and sometimes more because they don’t stick to underwear for beans.  So not only did I save no money, I have increased hassle.  Lesson learned.

Though, now all I can think of is the year Jeff, Dan, Dee Dee & I went on the Christmas Tour of Homes in Washington and right next to the tree was a pantyliner, right there in the middle of the rug.  I’m betting it was off-brand, too.

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  1. Yeah, the last thing you want to happen is for the liner to fall out your pant leg. Perhaps you should stick with the thong pantyliner . . .

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