Oh my, she’s so wonderful, wonderful

 I have some secondary infected something, which means I have antibiotics, which means I am feeling much better already.  Which is why I can now post about my fabulous porch.

We have a screened in front porch, which is cool for many reasons.  For starters, it’s usually literally cool because we live on the Street of Perpetual Shade, and so this place gets a bit of filtered southern exposure, and some extraordinarily filtered west at sunset.  It has a great view of our 150 year guardian oak tree in the front yard and our neighbors’ well-manicured garden bonanzas.  It also rocks because it has real screen/storm combination windows, which means you can shut them/open them and use it a bit earlier and later in the year than if it were simply screened in.  But this also means that every winter I am tempted to use the place for storage, and every year I fall to this temptation.  So every time April comes around, our beautiful porch has the backyard picnic table on it, all the boxes we didn’t throw away all winter, Christmas lights nobody knew what to do with, and pretty much anything else we weren’t sure where it went, so it ended up there.  As Dan puts it, by spring our porch is Full On White Trash.

Yesterday I de-trashed it.  I emptied it of everything that didn’t belong, and I was merciless.  I scrubbed it ceiling to floor.  Then I scoured the house and threw out old furniture and, in a fit of inspiration, brought up the futon from the basement in lieu of the breaking-down wicker sofa and chair.  I dredged up some decor, fussed with arrangements, and this is the result.  


Nobody wanted to be inside the house last night; Anna brought toys out and played there, we ate dinner there, and Dan sat there most of the evening.  Anna had breakfast out there this morning, too.  Others enjoy it as well.

This is why I’m so frustrated with being sick.  I am in the mood to do this to the whole house.  And, of course, I’m busy for the next three days.

3 Comments on “Oh my, she’s so wonderful, wonderful

  1. Oh nice! One of the things I love about the Midwest is screened-in porches. We don’t have many of them here in Cali, and they’re awesome!
    I feel ya on the frustration. I look around and see piles of projects everywhere but the antibiotics I’m on make me want to pass out on the couch and order room service. It’s a half-hour at a time, couple times a day if I’m lucky pace, and just isn’t working for me.

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