General Summary and Overview

Today Anna had her first piano recital. Here is what it looked like.

Tom & Nina came over from Carroll, and Godmother Mary came up from Waukee, and we all clapped and cheered, then came home for cupcakes.  We had to dodge downpours on the way, and we tried to time Mary’s exodus so that she didn’t have to drive through monsoons, though that may have been unavoidable.  Tom and Nina just left a few minutes ago; no word yet on what fun weather they endured.  The recital was forty-five minutes, which was a good length, and the performances were fun.  Relaxed atmosphere.  A few clunkers, but mostly just fun.

Yesterday we went down to watch Role Models with Jeff, and were delightedly surprised to find Caryle there as well.  Anna visited her other grandmother in Ottumwa while we did this, and then brought her to us after.  We took extra long to get home because the same rain that is here today was there last night and with the same torrential attitude.

Tomorrow I’m going to volunteer for One Iowa and help make sure everything goes smoothly at the county courthouses for Marriage Day, also known as the first day marriage licenses will be granted to same-sex couples in Iowa.  

My cold is better, but still here.  I managed to get to the gym today and do my home PT exercises, but I skipped cardio, partly for time, partly because I was afraid I’d see the inside of my lung.  Cardio will have to happen before too long, because I’ve eaten like a cow since Friday, and today’s cupcakes and spinach-artichoke dip didn’t help.  (The latter were not had in the same bite, mind you.)

At this time, I am a bit overwhelmed and my brain is melting.  Going to put Anna into bed, get a cup of Tension Tamer and Chill The Fuck Out.  I foresee some solitaire in my future, and hopefully later some Roseanne with Dan.  Don’t know why, but sitting next to that man on a couch doing nothing is the best zen I know how to find.

That’s been me the past few days.  This week I plan to clean my house like nobody’s business and start organizing garage sale stuff.  There will also be writing, which is why there is first cleaning.

I also need to read.  But mostly I need absolutely no one to talk to me for about three days, and I will be just fine.  My introvert has seriously not been fed lately.  Cleaning ought to fix that, too. . . . 


4 Comments on “General Summary and Overview

  1. Heh Stephen and I spent the afternoon on the couch watching a PBS special and chilling. it’s a good thing. Glad to hear cleaning comes before writing because I am having the cleaning urge like nobody’s business… can’t seem to consistently remember what I intend to clean, but I wanna clean it!

  2. Sorry I had to flee so quickly. I should have just brought Todd with me, but he was working on a paper today. At least I had Madonna to keep me company on the ride home. The recital was fun!

  3. I just came back and watched that vid – didn’t want to wake up dogs yesterday as they’d just stopped drooling on me and flomped – and omg, that was awesome! I remember my first recital… hers went much more smoothly. I so miss having a piano. Congrats to Anna!!

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