Just keep trying therapists until something works

Random bits, just an update and some musings:

Yesterday was a total strikeout: heinous pain out of nowhere, and neither the physical therapist nor the chiropractor could quell it.  Two Vicodin took the edge off, but left me higher than a kite, which it usually doesn’t do.  It also rendered me incapable of picking up Anna from school, requiring me to send a twitter SOS, which was answered by the venerable  .  I was a bit better by the evening, enough to go to fellowship and read my "this I believe" statement for the last class (no, I didn’t even make it past the first line without falling apart, alas), and then came home and watched Roseanne with Dan.  He tried to relieve some of the stress in my back with a massage, and it helped a bit, but in the end I popped a Skelaxin (not supposed to take it, but when it’s this bad I can’t be bothered to care) (I also don’t know if I spelled that right), more Vicodin, and went to bed.

Today was better, but not as good as it should be, not even after going to the gym, so I went to my reiki therapist, and I hit paydirt.  "I have angry arms," I told her.  I love energy/holistic people, because you can say things like that and they take you seriously.  I also told her about the lower back issue in a weird spot that no one could fix, and she discovered that though the chakras around it were open, that area was closed.  So she hung my angry arms over the side, used chakra chimes all over, and did all manner of juju (I fell asleep, which I usually don’t do, so I lost some of it), and then I woke up and felt like a million dollars.  I ran errands, finished the laundry, made dinner, and rearranged my office, humming the whole time.  (I’d closed my fifth chakra AGAIN, too.)  The lower back is ick again, probably because I rearranged the office, but I still feel pretty good.  

I have to start gearing up for our trip: need to get the garage sale (gag) going, need to start laying out plans and organization, and I need to get writing.  I’ve reached that point where not writing for so long is starting to make me feel gross and stagnant.  The plan is to tweak the opening to TSV with an idea from  , and then to wrestle a bit with STB, and then get back to the story for 

 and me.  That’s a lot at once, but it’s where I’m going to start, and we’ll see what grabs me.  

Overall, I’m feeling in a rut.  It was more despair-y yesterday, but today I just feel itchy, like I want to start something, damn it.  I have to find the way to keep my arms from getting too angry again, or my lower back from doing whatever the fuck it thinks it’s doing.  

If I get the tweaked opener to TSV done, I’m going to post it.  Because I can.  Because that sucker’s going on Lulu right after My Shining Light.

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