The Seventh Veil, Chapter One

This is an experiment, so we’ll just see how long I keep this up. But maybe I’ll post the whole thing there eventually.  Or maybe I’ll take it down.  I have no idea.  At any rate, I put chapter one of The Seventh Veil on Fiction Press.  It calls it a "fanfic" in the header bar, but, ah, no.

So, if you would like, you can read it.  And if I keep this up, eventually you could read the whole thing.  Feedback/thoughts/opinions on both it and the posting in general is appreciated, whether you like it/agree with the gesture or not.

The only thing I dislike so far is that I can’t have the symbols in there. Well, we’ll fix that in July.  Or so.

I honestly am not sure of what I think of this.  I can’t decide if it wigs me out or excites me.  Guess we’ll find out, as soon as the shock wears off.


ETA: Um, probably should mention, that chapter has sex, violence, and language.  And gay people.  Which, I guess, is no different from my blog, but still.  JUST SO YOU ARE WARNED.

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