This will mean nothing to you if you haven’t read TSV

 But because it makes me happy, here is Emily Elliott’s map of Etsey, with her notes for meeting with the solicitor.  It’s a rough draft, but it’s so fun.  I’m thinking of including this in lieu of the prologue.  (It doesn’t have that information, but I’m hoping it’s orienting, in a way.)

(Click to make big.)

11 Comments on “This will mean nothing to you if you haven’t read TSV

      • I’d always wondered too. The weird thing is, it isn’t a huge surprise.
        I just finished reading the new first chapter of TSV. HOLY CRAP, I think it’s even better than it was.

        • The three-way scene was the lovely Cate’s suggestion. I thought it worked very well. And thank you! I would hate to have disappointed my biggest fan. 🙂

          • Well, Cate’s pretty smart, then, because it works REALLY well to introduce Charles’ character. I think it better establishes why he goes to Smith in the first place- although the old opening was gripping, it was also a little more… jarring? That’s not quite the word. Shocking, maybe? I dunno. This sort of eases the reader into the story much easier.
            How do the veils work into the rest of the story? Did you revise the rest of the book much?

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