Heidi: 1, Fail: 0

In the past two weeks I have had

a killer cold that initially felt like strep but wasn’t
a secondary infection from the not-strep
a resurgence of the chronic pain that comes with whatever the fuck I am
a nail nearly go through my foot.

Needless to say, this has put a serious, serious cramp on the workout.  I managed at least once a week, but the cardio was very poor and very short.  I was going to correct this on Sunday, but that was the day I made friends with the nail.

Today I did all my home exercises, then went to the gym.  I was late, almost too late to get the weight room in before the 9AM class which closes it for an hour.  But I made it, and then went to do cardio.  I decided I would do 35 minutes at a moderate pace to try and get back on track.  But seven minutes in, the injured foot began to protest, and I thought I would probably be lucky to make ten minutes.  I was on the elliptical, though, so I thought perhaps if I just lifted my foot in the right way and made subtle adjustmetns, maybe I could go a bit longer.  
Well, a "bit longer" became, suddenly, twenty minutes, and so I continued my more careful stepping, and made it all the way to 35 minutes.  I even "ran" (such as it is, on an elliptical) for the last ten.

I also got a lot of meditation done on the elliptical–I often do, but today’s was particularly good, probably because the cardio room was empty of anyone but me, and the TVs were off.  It was just me and my May Day playlist. I think I came to a few important understandings about a few issues that have been bothering me a lot, too.  And now I’m going to bathe, write a bit while I let my foot breathe, and then I’m going back to garage sale sorting before I make a grocery list and do teh shopping.  Or maybe, if my foot agrees with the idea, I’ll mow the lawn. Or watch The Scarlet Pimpernel, which I have had on Netflix for weeks.


One Comment on “Heidi: 1, Fail: 0

  1. Oh you rock babe! But please take care of the foot and don’t aggravate – watch movie and ice it a bit, lawn can wait till tomorrow. One big movement thingy a day while it heals…

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