All the love to Gilly

 I had been bemoaning many things about how to deal with self-publishing TSV, which right now is the only way I really want to go, and the other day it was my failure to design the cover.  Dan bought me a light pen so I could, but it was clear I just couldn’t do it.  The very, very lovely and talented   offered to help.

This is what she did.  (Click, and make it really, really big.  Seriously.)

I swear to god, I’m going to publish this book if for no other reason than to put this cover on it.  Is it not beautiful?  And so FUCKING PERFECT?  At first I thought the figure should be a man, but then I thought, no, she’s right.  The Goddess is better.  And that nebulae is so womb-like.  I mean, this is the goddamned Void, right there.  That’s my whole book, RIGHT THERE.  

Gilly rocks.  Gilly really, really rocks.

5 Comments on “All the love to Gilly

  1. Okay, let me say, that cover is gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful.
    And yet… people make very quick decisions about books based on covers. I don’t know how much het your book contains, but people will assume that it is a significant amount based on a cover with a woman on it. If it is, fine. If not… you might want to rethink. Just sayin’.
    But all kudos to the artist, that is fantastic. Is this person employed in designing book covers? Because if not, she should be *cough*ChangelingPress*cough* ;D

    • That was my second reaction, right after my squee. But the thing is, it’s a very balanced book as far as that goes, and Charles is bisexual, and through the whole thing searching for the Goddess. It just turns out that this time the Goddess decided to be a man.
      If that makes sense.
      Gilly is on LJ–Gilly, Changeling Press? Don’t know what it is, but I say go for it!

      • Thanks! I’m not employed doing book covers yet, but I’d love to be. I am an experienced designer, and a book addict, so I’ve often though it would be a great fit, just haven’t had the opportunity. drachenmina, are you involved with Changeling Press, or do you know someone over there I should talk to?

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