Hello, bizarre muscle in my neck that has decided to go into extreme spasm and knock my entire system into a pain episode.  Yes, you definitely have my attention.  Yes, I will scour the phone book tomorrow and try to find a massage therapist that goes for a full hour, or get in to Ria.  Yes, as you will note, I ate cereal so we didn’t throw up from the Vicodin.  Yes, we even took a Skelaxin!  We are muscles relaxed, even though that is, according to the doctors, verbotten.  I did it anyway.

I am now going to take a second Vicodin.  Please use this and the ice pack on my shoulder to knock the whole body out, because I need sleep and because I need to not go into another round of fuckery. Please just have this be an abberation, not another round of shit.  Also, please let’s not throw up from the second Vicodin.  Thanking you in advance.

Your friend and host,


2 Comments on “3AM

    • Oh, well if it’s Torchwood icons you want.
      Thanks for the hugs. I’m much better this morning and will get to the gym, which for me is a far better fix than a pill, but not very practical in the middle of the night. So, not swinging into big fat episode=yay.

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