The story of today is as follows:

  1. Woke at six.  Finished revising the C/T Void scene at the end of TSV.  Let it sit to gel with intent to post it to Fiction Press later in the day.
  2. Got Anna to school, then stopped by hospital to enjoy complimentary employee & family breakfast.  Picked up change for garage sale at bank.  Home by 9.
  3. Looked at scene again, decided still not ready.
  4. Set up garage sale.  Worked carefully, saving hard lifting and awkward stuff for others as I’ve been having One Of My Spells the past few days, and my left hip and both legs are very, very angry.  
  5. Said good-bye to Dan and finished setting up sale with his parents as he went to work.
  6. Started sale one hour early.
  7. Rain begins shortly fifteen minutes after official opening.
  8. Devise tarp/plastic sheeting protective system for sale items, which works as the rain is just sprinkles.  The rain comes and goes for two hours, meaning that I am constantly lifting, moving shift, and rearranging stuff to get it under, then out of tarps.  Rearranging things, too, as more room is made by selling things. (yay)  Probably doing a bit too much lifting, but I do it anyway.
  9. Send Tom (father-in-law) to pick up Anna and take her to horse lessons.
  10. Fifteen minutes after Tom leaves (Nina and I are now alone), Dan calls and warns, "there’s a shitload of rain coming your way."  By the time I hang up the phone, it’s already begun.
  11. Nina and I run like madwomen dumping clothes, shoes, toys, electronics–everything–into bins and hauling them onto the porch.  Rain is pouring down.  We have to take our glasses off because they’re so useless.  Books.  Shoes.  Full, overfull bins.  
  12. My hip begins to scream.  The rain keeps pouring, so I apologize to hip and then abuse the fuck out of it.
  13. Finish rescuing sale.  Change clothes.  Sit and stare at wall.
  14. Pass out on couch.
  15. Go to dinner with Tom & Nina and Anna, which they pay for.  We thank them, hug them, and send them home.
  16. Take hot, hot bath.  
  17. Take many, many pills.  Use Biofreeze.  Heating pad.  Ice pack.  
  19. Pass out on couch, with The Scarlet Pimpernel on in the background.  Fire in fireplace.
  20. Leg is throbbing, hip seems to be bearing knives.  Feet aren’t so hot, either.
  21. Dan gets home, and is very frustrated he wasn’t able to be home to help.
  22. Take even more pills, hoping they make me pass out or at least make me high, because tomorrow we get to set it up and do it again.  At seven AM.  And it’s now a huge fucking mess from being put away, quite literally, wet.
  23. Think, fleetingly of the scene, then give up all hope.  Sorry, Norway and Oz.  You can’t get the end of Charles until tomorrow night at least.
  24. Good night.

2 Comments on “

  1. 17. Take many, many pills.
    You sound like Neely O’Hara out of Valley of the Dolls!
    I am able to make that reference and yet somehow, ended up straight. I am fucking awesome.

  2. I’m sooo sick of the rain and the cold! I’m sorry it ruined your garage sale yesterday. At least it’s nice today.

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