The most beautiful sound in the world

 I mentioned previously, but briefly, that dear   has been ill and in the hospital.  She has been, in fact, there since May 5 and in the ICCU since the 10th, and for a few very scary days after she moved there, we very, very nearly lost her.  She’s still in the ICCU now, but today when I went to visit her and take her some audiobooks, I didn’t see her drugged up on sedatives and/or stuffed full of vent tube.  When I came into the room, she said, "Heidi!"  Because the vent tube is gone.

It was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard.  A voice for a few days I worried I’d never hear again.  A voice silent for almost two weeks.  She’s been sick now for a month, but she looks so good now, and there is this glow and light about her that make it hard to leave her.  Yes, she’s still hooked up to tubes, and yes, she has a long hard road ahead of her yet, but I can tell you this: no one has ever looked our sounded more beautiful and precious than she did today.  

She talked the whole time I was there.  Talked and talked and talked and talked, full of Jess and beauty and wonder and love.  And she didn’t cough once.

Thanks, Universe.  And thank you Grandma Severe.

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