Sorry, California.

 I’ve been trying all day to think of how to deal with the Prop 8 decision.  I tried not thinking about it.  I tried shrugging.  I tried suggesting Californians move to Iowa.  I tried cute, cheeky, cranky, and resigned, and none of them fit.  What’s left is rather shapeless, feeling more like a hollow, sad hole than anything else.

I get that the decision was about a court’s interpretation of the law, and that California law is a bit funky. I get that it isn’t over.  I get that there’s still fight to fight, and I get that someday this will just be a sad footnote in history, one that will eventually be corrected.  But right now it’s just sad.

Sorry, California.  I wish I could wave a wand and make it better.  I will come to hug you in person soon.

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