An entry in which you will, really, learn nothing at all.

 Rack this up as an update that I’m doing because it’s been awhile so I feel like I should, but I’m tired and my brain is digesting about thirty things at once, my stomach is digesting a big huge meal, and mostly I’m ready to check out on the living room couch with Dan, get a backrub, and watch TV.  

Okay, I’ll make a lie of the subject line with some news: I have the Mazda back.  Picked it up on Thursday, and it’s shiny and functional & painted, and then today we gave it some new tires and an oil change and they did something to the "bushings."  I had no idea a car had bushings, and I can’t imagine them without turning the car into a WB cartoon or something very sexual, both of which are wrong.  Whatever they were, they were making the car loud and bumpy, and now it is not.  And now it will drive to California.  Hurrah.

Still making progress on the trip prep, but mostly I feel like a whirling dervish but without the celestial/spiritual whatsis, which means I’m just spinning.  Thinking about much, and some of it is exciting, but mostly I am really wiped out and can’t answer email, some of which I should.  I always seem to land here lately.

Tomorrow I’m going to One Iowa’s Grassroots Workshop in DM, and Dan is going to work.  Sunday is probably the Last Day of Sanity, and then my Virgo will rise like the sun and I will turn into a vicious major trip planning wonder, and the road will burn beneath my feet.  Or I’ll sit in a corner and gnaw my ankle.  Possibly both.

That’s the state of the Heidi.  Live long and prosper.

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