Postcard Call

The trip is Saturday.  I am not ready.

But today will put a serious dent in that, and to give myself one last hurrah before I dive into Full Virgo Preparation Mode, I"m going to spend the morning writing.  Or, until about 11.  Or so.  Anyway, it’s going to be great.

If you would like a postcard from The Great Cullinan Adventure, drop me a line.  Comments are screened, so if you don’t think I have your address already (or would just like to type it again), leave it there, because only I will see it.  Feel free to ask for a postcard even if you’re out of the US or if you aren’t quite sure I know who you are.  I can’t take requests because it will get messy, but I will probably let Anna make all the final calls anyway, which is in your favor.  

Also, I have a poll regarding updates on the trip.  Comments for this will be screened, too, mostly because it’s ending up in the same post, if that matters any.

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